5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Wedding Invitations!

“It’s just a piece of paper.”

Yeah, but it’s your wedding invitation! It’s the very first impression your guests will have of your wedding. That piece of paper will give them all kinds of clues about your wedding style and what they can expect from your big day. Will it be formal and traditional? Relaxed and quirky? Comfortable and personalized?

I believe your guests should know it’s your wedding invitation the moment they pull the envelope out of the mailbox. So, how do you add your personality to that “piece of paper”?

That’s where I come in! I’ve gathered up my FIVE favorite ways to add some fun pops of YOU to your wedding invitations – read on for all the inspiration you’ll need to Look Good on Paper!


Okay, I think I might be a little obsessed with tassels, but seriously… Is there a cuter paper accessory?


Among the many things I love about tassels is that they’re SO versatile! Depending on how you style them, they can be the perfect touch for a boho wedding or add a totally luxe feel to your more traditional stationery.

I am coconuts for these tassels!

And the color customization options are off. the. charts. I can make my tassels in pretty much any color, length, and thickness to perfectly capture the vibe you’re going for! Want an ombre effect? Want a way to sneak in that color your partner shook their head at? Want The Actual perfect shade of teal? Tassels are the way to get it done.

Aside from looking cute, tassels can also be functional (ugh, love them so much). Use tassels as a pull to help your guests get your invite out of the envelope, to hold your suite stack together, or even on place cards to indicate menu selections! Psst – you can shop my collection of tassels here!

Choosing chicken or fish never looked so cute!


The best part about wax seals is that they literally NEVER go out of style. (Seriously, people have been using them since the Middle Ages.) And they’re the perfect way to add a pop of color to your suite without fully committing to, say, turquoise everything.

Plus, there are tons of amazing stamp designs out there to compliment your theme OR you can create your own custom design for something totally unexpected! (Like a roll-of-toilet-paper wax seal on your ‘rona-inspired Change the Dates…)

Wax seals are the perfect way to add some major glam to your invitations, or sneak your favorite color, your astrological sign, a favorite hobby, or an inside joke into your suites! You can also use them on place cards or menus to indicate a meal choice (or just sit there and look pretty)!


No one puts baby in a corner. Unless it’s a metallic corner.

Metallic corners just make everything feel more…important. Imagine your credit card bill rolling in with some gold corners – stunning, right? Now picture them on the corners of your wedding invitation…GORGEOUS!

Of course they come in every shade of metallic, from yellow gold to gunmetal gray, to rose gold and silver. And the styles range from sleek & modern to romantic & delicate, which means you can add some serious personality to your invitations.

And, as an added bonus, they actually protect the corners of your invitation from getting bent in the mail – score!


When I design stationery, I not only want each piece to look amazing on its own, but I also want them to look great when they’re stacked together! After all, The Stack is how your guests will see it when they open their envelope. So how do we keep The Stack intact? A wrap!

Insider secret: when the wax seal on your velvet ribbon wrap matches your calligraphy ink, a unicorn gets its wings.

Wraps can come in the form of silk or velvet ribbon, vellum, a paper “belly band”, leather cord, metallic thread, you name it! The main purpose here is to keep everything together so when your guests excitedly open the envelope on their way back from the mailbox, they don’t end up with ten pieces of cardstock blowing all over their driveway in the wind. And also…it’s pretty!

It’s like a belt for your invitation!

Wraps are another fun place to add some character without going too overboard. If you are having a rustic wedding, a thin leather cord is a fun and classy touch. If you’re going glam and girly, a lace wrap or bow can really “tie” things together. And if you’re looking for something super modern, I love using ultra-thin metallic wire to bring in some edginess. Printed vellum is also a great way to tie in themed elements, add a favorite quote in beautiful script, or even include some custom artwork of your pet or venue.


Paisley AND an envelope liner?! Yes please!

I saved my favorite for last. If you’ve been around for awhile, you know I have a thing for envelope liners. A big thing. If you’re new here, an envelope liner is basically a piece of paper that, well, lines the inside flap of your envelope. I love envelope liners because they are just the most fun and perfect way to add something meaningful to your invitation suite!

Now, it’s a sad fact that envelope liners often tear when the envelope is opened, so I stay away from including important info on them (that’s what the invitation is for, anyway). But feel free to add in a solid pop of color, a fun pattern, a photo, a monogram, a quote, a painting of your venue, map of the city where you met, abstract art, your cat’s footprint…the list goes on! If you need some inspo, head here for my semi-custom envelope liner collection and here for a DIY envelope liner tutorial!

And there you have it! Five creative ways to add a little personality to your wedding invitations! Which one (ones?!?) would you choose? Let me know in the comments or send me a message to chat more about giving your wedding stationery a personal touch!