Day-of Details Logistics

You’ve wowed your guests with gorgeous envelopes and beautiful signs, now it’s time for those little details that tie it all together. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Contact Me!
I’d love to hear all about the amazing ideas you have in mind for your event, so hit that cute button at the bottom of the page and let’s chat! Please be sure to include the following info in your message:

  • Date of event
  • Date items are needed
  • Type of items needed (escort cards, place cards, menus, spot calligraphy)
  • Materials, color scheme, theme, etc.
  • Pictures of what you have in mind are always appreciated!

Step 2: We’ll Talk Shop!
I’ll send you a proposal with a timeline and price quote, as well as a contract for you to sign. You’ll look it over, and we’ll do a virtual fist bump when you sign it. I’ll also collect a 50% deposit from you at this time.

Step 3: I Saddle Up My Supplies
My nibs and ink are quivering in excitement! Once I have your list of names, table numbers, and whatever other info I’ll need, I will get crackin’. I’ll send you photo updates periodically, so you can see how your project is going and make sure it’s what all of your day-of dreams are made of.

Step 4: When I Ship, You Ship, We Ship
When I’m all done, I’ll collect the remaining 50% owed, wrap up your goods, give ’em a hug, and ship them off to you. Then we’ll giddily imagine all of your guests ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the awesomeness of your event details.

Please Keep in Mind…

Paper product lowdown
My standard, go-to paper for escort and place cards is from Paper Source. If you don’t already have a paper type or color in mind, I’ll usually send you there to pick out what makes your heart sing (or matches your color scheme). If you have something more specific in mind, I’m happy to write on pretty much any paper you want!

I love to get creative!
If you’re looking for something with major wow-factor, let me know! I’m always looking for new materials to write on – sliced agate, leaves, marble tiles, whatever Pinterest is pumped about this month… I would love to create details that will help express your event’s theme perfectly!

That being said, some materials just don’t play nicely together
I’ve experimented with quite a few items and can safely say that not everything likes to be written on (RIP to the calligraphy nib I destroyed on a lemon). Don’t fret, though! We can work together to find the perfect material to tie your event theme together and blow your guests’ minds.

Good things take time, great things take a little more time
I can get a basic order of 100 paper escort or place cards done in 1 week. Obviously a more involved order will take a little more time, so we’ll definitely need to huddle up on the timeline before you order to make sure your request is feasible for a human. Certain orders can be rushed for an additional fee, but please contact me for more details and to confirm availability.

We might be working in the Crunch Zone
You know that brief period between your RSVP deadline and the wedding? There’s a lot to do in those couple weeks, like hunt down the non-RSVPers and make your seating chart. That’s also when I’ll be making your escort and place cards. Please make sure your RSVP deadline gives you (and me) time to get everything done and in your hands in time without having to pay a million dollars for overnight shipping.

Are you ready to Look Good on Paper?

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