Envelope Logistics

I am so thrilled to be a part of your special day! Let’s make sure your envelopes are dressed for the occasion, shall we? Here’s how this whole process works:

Step 1: Contact me!
Click that cute button at the bottom of the page and shoot me an email with the following info:

  • Date of event and date finished envelopes are needed
  • Number and type of envelopes needed (Outer, Inner, RSVP)
  • Calligraphy style, ink color, and envelope color requested
  • Would you like me to stuff, stamp, and send?

Step 2: We’ll Talk Shop
I’ll send you a proposal with a timeline and price quote, as well as a contract for you to sign. You’ll sign it and we’ll hug (probably virtually). I will also collect a 50% deposit at this time.

Step 3: I Get Crackin’
My nibs and ink are ready to rumble! Once I have your guest list and envelopes, I’ll get started gussy-ing them up. I’ll send you pics of the first few to make sure they’re what you had in mind before I finish the whole batch. Wouldn’t that be an awkward conversation…

Step 4: Post Office!
Once I collect the remainder of the payment due, I will get your finished envelopes back to you to mail out, or I can stuff, stamp, and mail them for you for an additional fee. In the meantime, we can all daydream about the looks of delight on your guests’ faces when they open their mailboxes!

Please Keep In Mind…

Not all envelopes are calligraphy-friendly.
Please provide paper stock that is not glossy or extra fibrous. My nibs will get mad, I’ll get mad, you’ll get mad.

I’m really good, but I’m not a machine.
Honestly, I’m way better than the copier at work, but I do still make a mistake every now and again. Please provide 10-15% more envelopes than you actually need, just in case there’s an oops, or your future mother-in-law hijacks your guest list and decides to invite her bridge club last minute. These things happen to the best of us.

Like microwaving a Hot Pocket, all good things take time.
I can typically get an order of 100 envelopes done in 1-2 weeks, but customized orders may take up to 4 weeks. Certain orders can be rushed for an additional fee, please contact me for more details and to confirm availability.

Please proof read your guest list.
Since I don’t know your family and whether it’s Debra or Deborah or Debbbrah, I will write the names and addresses EXACTLY as they are given to me, even if it says “Mrs. Chnandler Bong”. Please double check that you have them down correctly, no one wants to apologize to their grandma for spelling her name wrong.

While we’re talking about guest lists…
Please also write your guests’ names as you would like them to appear on the envelope. You may prefer a more formal “Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. McMuffin III”, or go with a more casual “Larry & Jules McMuffin”, or maybe a combo of both to make your great uncle feel important while not scaring your friends. Either way, I’ll provide you with a worksheet to help you get things just the way you want them before the nib hits the envelope.

Are you ready to Look Good on Paper?

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