You NEED this.

How long do you spend preparing a proposal?

How long do you spend fishing through emails for your client’s change request?

How long does it take you to update the terms of your contract?

How long does it take you to gather all of the information you need from a new lead?

If you answered more than a few minutes to any of these, you’re gonna want to keep reading.

I used to spend SO. MUCH. TIME. on proposals, contracts, and just trying to keep track of all the little details that fly back and forth between my clients and me. Then I discovered a (not so) secret weapon – Dubsado!

I had tried a competitor Client Management System (CMS) several months ago and felt like it wasn’t necessary given the number of clients I had at the time. As things picked up, I was starting to feel scattered and like I was wasting time on stuff that could easily be automated. I decided to give Dubsado a test drive and let’s just say…I’m in LOVE!

Here are a few of my favorite things about Dubsado:

Dubsado’s proposals make it so easy to toot your own horn about your offerings! You can add pictures, packages, and add-ons to your proposal, then your clients can check off the boxes and input their own quantities for what they want! It’s so easy to highlight your offerings, which leads to more bookings – um, YAY!

You can even have it automatically create an invoice and contract that they can pay and sign in a matter of minutes, all while you’re enjoying a cocktail poolside (or, let’s be real, while you’re working on some other business task). Invoices are so easy to update with numbers or pricing if you need to make changes for an individual client, or when numbers change (ahem, COVID).

The Client Portal is fully customizable with all of your logo details and honestly makes you look SO professional. Aside from looking cute, it also helps keep you and your clients super organized because all of your documents and correspondence are in one place. No more fishing through emails to find an invoice, review a change request, or double check the contract! It’s all right there!

As a Type-A Control Fanatic, the idea of having an email send without me triple checking it gave me a case of seriously sweaty palms. But with Dubsado, you can customize your emails, how and when they send, and what info is included in them. They’ve even got Smart Fields that can personalize your emails with client names, project info, etc. without you having to go in and look it up every time. You can even saved canned emails for frequent topics so you’re not sitting there typing out “Thank you for your question…” 700 times a day.

I will admit that there was quite a bit of setup to get everything the way I wanted it. I probably spent a day or two inputting my packages, contracts, and other documents, customizing my client portal, and learning the ropes in general. Fortunately, there are tons of tutorials from Dubsado and other helpful folks out there to walk you through the process. Now that it’s all set up, I spend minutes instead of hours on so many administrative tasks in my business and am able to provide a much more professional experience for my clients.

If you’re on the fence about getting Dubsado because you don’t have many clients yet, give it a try now! You can use it for 3 clients for free and once you put in the time to set it up, it will save you tons of time on EVERY client you ever get. It has been worth every penny to me, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer you an affiliate discount of 20% off your first month or year! You can use code LOOKGOOD or click here to access this Dubsado promo and start feeling like the boss you are!

What questions do YOU have about using Dubsado? Share them with me!

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