The Ultimate Place Card Inspiration Guide!

When it comes down to it, place cards have a pretty utilitarian job – they tell your guests where to sit.

But just because place cards have a practical purpose doesn’t mean they can’t look pretty while they’re doing it, right?!


Today I’m sharing my favorite place cards that your guests will actually want to take home! Read on for all the place card inspiration you could ever need!


I wish I looked this good after being dragged out of a river…

These stunning river rocks are the PERFECT blend of nature and luxury! I love them so much for an outdoor or mountain wedding – they add just a little touch of “fancy” (without being stuffy) that your guests won’t expect.

But guess what!

They’re also so perfect for a formal indoor wedding! Those gorgeous stones will add a hint of nature that will have your guests thinking you’re an uber-hip design genius (which you are!). Of course the icing on the wedding cake is that these place cards are so pretty, you know your guests will be taking them home to proudly display!

Need some river rock place cards in your life? Find ’em here!


Are you ready to have all of your princess dreams come true? Because these paper scroll place cards are so perfectly luxurious that we’re pretty sure the Queen herself would approve. Add on some romantic hand calligraphy and you’ll have Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel knocking on your door asking where you got them (psst: you can get them here!)

Hear ye, hear ye! Thus entereth the most breathtaking place card in all the land!

These place cards are so much fun to style, too! You can hang them over the edge of a champagne flute, tuck them in the tines of a fork, wrap them around a napkin, or attach them to the edge of your menu. Any way you do it, your guests are sure to feel like they’re in a fairy tale!


When life gives you lemons, turn ’em into place cards!

These terra cotta pots might be THE CUTEST place cards of the bunch! Honestly, the possibilities here are end.less. I love playing up the rustic vibe of these pots with bold colors and brush calligraphy, then filling them with a cute succulent or herb.

If you’re lookin’ to fancy things up, painting the top edge black or gold will add a luxe vibe. Fill them with French macarons for a sweet treat!

I also love color blocking these little pots with geometric shapes for a more modern look! Toss in some greenery, a bag of loose tea, or a candle and you’ve got the perfect place card/favor duo!

And Cutest Place Card goes to…


Apparently being squished between a bunch of volcanic rock for a really long time has its benefits, because these agate slices are STUNNERS!

Agates make gorgeous place cards and come in a range of colors, from neutral tans and grays to hot pink. I just love the fact that each one is different so each of your guests gets a totally unique piece!

Agate slices look fantastic when they’re totally natural with a touch of calligraphy. But if you’re going for a totally glam effect, gold edging takes these to the next level of chic.

You can also drill holes in agates and turn them into key chains that your guests will be thrilled to show off every time they park at a valet. Or go for the larger size agates and they can double as a gorgeous coaster. Who wouldn’t want to plop their morning coffee on something so pretty?

You can find these beauties (in a rainbow of colors!) HERE!


Kelley Williams Photography

I absolutely adore the look of torn paper to add a romantic feel to any table scape. Those deckled edges are just so much softer and organic than a harsh straight cut. The torn paper accent on these is also absolutely lovely, and is the perfect way to add a pop of color or tie in your floral palette!

As an added bonus, these torn paper place cards are a great way to add a little sustainability to your wedding since they’re created using scrap paper!


Kelley Williams Photography

If you used silk ribbon in your wedding invitation, I highly recommend finding a way to incorporate it into your wedding day tablescape! For one, silk ribbon is, like, really pretty. Like, I’d put it on anything. Or everything.

Two, I just love how thoughtful and cohesive an event feels when little details are carried throughout. Remember that your invitation sets the tone and style for your wedding, so incorporating those accessories into your actual wedding day keeps your wedding style consistent and your guests thinking you’ve really got it all together (even if the caterer dropped a whole lasagna, the officiant used the wrong names, and you forgot to put on deodorant).


Ashley Ludaescher Photography

If you haven’t already noticed, I love mixing chic, romantic vibes with edgier, natural elements, and marble is one of my favorite ways to accomplish this! Marble tiles are so versa-TILE (I can’t help myself, I’m not even sorry) and come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit in with the style of any event.

I also love adding a painted edge to these tiles to really give them a luxe feel! It’s a great way to bring in a few of the bolder colors of your palette without it being too much (no one wants to hear Aunt Linda talk about turquoise “not being a wedding color” for the rest of their lives).


If you really want to get your guests’ jaws on the floor, use your florals as place cards! I absolutely adore this bird of paradise place card for a tropical wedding. I mean, can you imagine sitting down at a table with this stunner on your plate? People would be setting up whole Instagram accounts just for this place card!

Obviously this place card works best with the sturdier plants that have ample room for lettering – bird of paradise, succulents, magnolia leaves, and monstera leaves are all great options.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that they’ll need to survive from the time your calligrapher works their magic to the actual reception, so I recommend a test-drive first. (For the record, these bird of paradises looked perfect for about 3-4 days with no water, and probably could have made it to 5-7 days if I had kept them in water.)


Okay, place cards that are edible automatically score bonus points in my book!

Isn’t this little tangerine giving the terra cotta pots a run for their money in the cute category? I am obsessed with the combo of the paper leaf on an actual piece of fruit – it’s so whimsical and practical at the same time! Using a paper leaf is super budget-friendly and your calligrapher can do your lettering whenever!

Of course, you could also choose to letter directly on the fruit (or vegetable)! I love how calligraphy looks on pears and pomegranates! Just remember that calligraphy ink usually isn’t edible, so you may need to keep an eye on your munchier guests…


Acrylic place cards are one of my favorites because they’re just SO versatile! You can paint them literally any color, or leave them clear to let your menu really shine! (And honestly, this coordinating hexagon menu is PERFECTION with that hexagon acrylic tile, right?! You can find the menus here and the place cards here!)

I’m also a huge fan of dressing up acrylic tiles will a little gold leaf, because as you better well know if you’ve made it this far, I love mixing modern and rustic. I mean, look how chic and pretty these are!

There you have it, friends – all of my favorite place cards rounded up in one post! I think I’ll have to just refer to this post as my Happy Place (Card) from now on…

Let me know which one was your favorite down in the comments!

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